How TulaByte Works

TulaByte is like a digital gatekeeper for your device. A range of invisible trackers piggyback on the majority of apps and websites you visit. These trackers then observe and record every movement you make on that website or app, with some even following you across the internet. The trackers then report all of this information back to their controllers. TulaByte simply prevents the trackers from ever being able to send this information off your device. Content blockers which perform such functions exist, but they are only able to do so within Safari or other such browsers. TulaByte instead blocks trackers across the whole system.

The app achieves this using a local VPN profile. Unlike a traditional VPN, whichroutes all your usage data to a third-party server, TulaByte creates a VPN tunnel that remains on the device (using the system localhost URL). When you use your device to connect to the internet the data flows through the TulaByte Blocker, which prevents trackers from calling home and lets all other information through uninterrupted. The Blocker operates in a secure environment, where it is unable to communicate with any other app or with any party on the Internet, including us.

Our code is all open-source, which means that anyone can view it freely on our Github.